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Altcoin Unlimited Trading Exchange

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Our Features

Secured Wallet

Deposit and withdraw in 20 coins including Bitcoin, Doge and Altcoins

Essential Data Supply

Provides Large amount of market data from our API system

Reliable Security Solutions

Provides 2 step verification to authenticate users and protect from hackers

Depth & Candle charts

Attractive charts to represent market trades in limit and market trades within depth charts

High Speed Data Flow

Autradex provides data by websocket channels,thus provide high speed to the clients

Lower Exchange Fees

Autradex provides market maker fee discounts via the 100club. Competitive withdrawal fees.

Multiple Coins

Autradex provides coin exchange in many Altcoins including LTC, RVN, DOGE, AUS and more.

Real Time Tickers

Provides graphical representation of realtime tickers for digital assets in various charts and graphs

Customer Support

Our support team is available up to 24 hours a day to assist you with any issues or questions you may have.

Fast and reliable for your best experience.

Autradex Exchange Dashboard